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The entrepreneurial task of a process is to ensure the competitive success of the customer through the development and provision of new market-, time- and cost-friendly solutions.


Targeted identification for the analysis and identification of business processes in order to improve time management, process management and workflow organization.


Implementation of jointly developed solutions through independent, impartial, transparent and flexible cooperation.


Independent, impartial support and documentation of your problem with the suppliers, insurance companies or other institutions and business partners.

Our services in the food/beverage industry

Are you faced with challenges in machine procurement, replacement investment, process development, or plant expansion and process planning? FLC.CONSULTANTS will help you successfully handle this and other challenges of the food/beverage industry. We provide independent, impartial, transparent and flexible support tailored to your project capacities. We take your initial idea, develop it together using your skills and our experience and support you through the implementation up to the acceptance of your project.

We provide transparent, independent feedback regarding your investment in the food/beverage industry with the help of amortization and cost comparison. Together, we search for the best possible supplier or partner for you regardless of supplier standards. FLC.CONSULTANTS also supports you with the associated sales and contract negotiations and gives ideas for the preparation of required documents.


Kelterei Walther GmbH

The family company Walther, a traditional winery, approached FLC.CONSULTANTS to discuss different technological issues. Various workshops were held for this purpose. In these workshops, requirements, wishes and constraints were discussed, then structured and solutions formulated.

A catalog of solutions with technological and financial services was developed and handed over to the family company. The traditional family company Walther can now extract and implement solutions as required. All of this with defined project schedules and project budgets. The future can come!

Hochschule Geisenheim University

Hochschule Geisenheim University

Geisenheim University began planning the new construction of its beverage technology center in 2014. For this purpose, an architectural competition was held, from which the proposal by the architectural office Bez + Kock 2017 emerged as the winner.

For more information please visit: https://www.hs-geisenheim.de/bau/neubau-getraenketechnologisches-zentrum-gtz/.

FLC.CONSULTANTS has been supporting Geisenheim University in the implementation of this project since 2018. For this purpose, practical construction solutions as well as machine and system technology are brought into harmony. Interfaces between real estate, machines and people are examined, defined and passed on to the specialist planners of the respective trades.

The aim is to combine future-oriented production methods for fruit processing with the hygienic requirements of modern industrial architecture in order to make teaching and research practical.

In addition, FLC.CONSULTANTS supports Geisenheim University with the definition of machine descriptions and a subsequent analysis of submitted supplier offers.

Hochschule Geisenheim University

Imnauer Mineralquellen GmbH

Imnauer Mineralquellen GmbH wants to be prepared for the future. Therefore, in a retrospective, figures, data and facts were elaborated and evaluated. Together with the outlook for possible sort and volume growth, various expansion scenarios were examined and documentated in a general expansion plan.

Due to a complex situation consisting of sort and volume growth, terrain conditions and optimal economic use, the Imnauer Mineralquellen GmbH has decided to investigate various expansion and development opportunities of the existing site in a general expansion planning.

Various data packages were developed, expansion options explored and budgeted. Processes regarding the production process including warehousing are discussed and specified into possible usage profiles.

With the help of these described possibilities, Imnauer Mineralquellen GmbH can now clarify future challenges faster and fall back on first signs of planning and investment budgets.

Imnauer Mineralquellen

Brasserie Bofferding

Brasserie Nationale continues following its strict quality management rules during the expansion, which is why an overall expansion plan for the site in Bascharage/Luxembourg had to be created. During this process, we were monitoring the sections of new pressure tank cellars and the CIP system.